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Couple Dancing
Eating Hamburger
Happy Couple
Loving Couple
Happy Senior Couple
Cute Couple
Couple in Love



To support Christian marriage as an institution and to promote family values based upon God's teachings and principles.


The purpose of this ministry is to improve and maintain communication between partners in marriage. To learn that a marriage based on a foundation of biblical principles, is not only workable but offers the most fulfilling relationship humanly possible. It is meant to encourage and challenge couples, in their spiritual journey, by getting them into God's word, and build their marriage God's way.
As you put God's plan into action with encouragement and grace you will grow in love for each other and the Lord. May the Lord richly bless you as you listen for and respond to his call, living on a higher plane than those around you. One of the cement that holds couples together is a joint commitment to God, common values, and activities.

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